Zero Waste Logistics Solutions for the Americas.






Canada / United States / Mexico

The Brief

BDG Private Equity fund invested in Pakfab and acquired PFI to merge and grow these engineering and manufacturing zero waste solutions. The fund and the leadership team asked SVS to rebrand the merger, expanding its potential clients in the automotive space, tech and aerospace industries. It needed a deep understanding of the company values, strategy, differentiation to craft a new identity that spoke to the leading stakeholders in the respective industries, as well as the fast-scaling teams at the organization.

The Solution

The Studio invested time with the teams at all levels and conducted industry research to understand what the most compelling products, services and narrative were to position the company as leading edge in its space. It developed a new logo, all graphic applications and materials for the company, website and social media that spoke to 3 markets in 3 languages. It produced photography and film to humanize and clarify the offering.